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Just graduated as a VFX artist ? Trying to find a job? Having a trouble finding a good one? You might find some inspiration in a fantastic topic over at Real Time VFX.

First of all, you should first take into account all the contacts you have in the industry. Mederic Chasse, a Sr. Technical / FX Artist at Ubisoft with 10 years of experience in the video game industry, shared some advice that might help you get a foot in the door:

“One thing you should know, while you are doing the course for these 2 months, you can also be looking for a job, make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, and the internship can help you in your future work more. Spend those 2 months from home working on the portfolio.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but these two months of internship, they are part of the school/company partnership, right? Hands like the school give you contact / work experience in the company, instead of the company trying to get rid of empty jobs. In my time (grandfather’s voice), this type of school/industry partnership was the first to often lead to after-work jobs.”

Considering internships? Here are some ideas on the matter from a VFX Artist Travis Henderson:

“I don’t know how internships work in terms of taxes, benefits, labor laws and other legal issues, so I don’t know if the reason it’s unpaid is because it’s only 2 months, or if and they don’t/can’t pay at all. Not paying is a bit of a red flag though. If it’s a successful company or a new startup, they should have the money to pay you a living wage for 2 months. I haven’t heard of many places that still do this at this point. What is the name of the company? Do they have a talent or a good story? It can go one of three ways: One, you can waste 2 months of unpaid financial stress and learn to do anything and do anything that makes a vacuum cleaner and dust and drink coffee. Second, you can learn a lot, but get a great job and do some vfx work for free. Third, it can be a balance of learning and responsibility, where you will pick up some good skills, get a feel for the studio workflow, and put a few things into your game and show.”

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