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Animation and VFX are two key apparatus of present day filmmaking. Despite the fact that Animation has been broadly utilized in media and diversion content for quite some time, it is more often than not erroneously thought to be as a piece of VFX. Furthermore not the slightest bit should VFX be viewed as better than liveliness. Both fill various needs despite the fact that they make them cross-over work process draws near. Both additionally offer compensating vocation choices and you can pick the best establishments to get prepared in movement and VFX. With promising profession courses, you can fabricate an effective vocation in the media and media outlet as an Illustrator or VFX artists.

Before we jump into the critical contrasts between them, two we should consider them to keep things in context.

Like some other fine art, animation also developed without any preparation. It was at first finished through draws on a film, and consequently with  the help of software. However, that was not the situation in VFX. Strategies were acquired from the ones utilized in activity like lighting, modeling and texturing.


Animation is to creating character that creating motion. The character may be a form of human being or an object. Animation generally cover maximum field from graphics, illustrations. Animation can use advertising campaign, gaming, animated movie etc.

Where VFX is only applied to cinematography, like movie, TV shows and documentaries. VFX has a great demand in gaming industry. VFX is the mixture of some special effects that implemented  the real life to the reel.


Autodesk Maya and 3d Max is the most important software that use in Animation. 3d Max software is specialized for 3d graphics and create modern day animation and visual effects.

Whereas when it’s terms of VFX Autodesk Maya, 3d Max, Foundry Nuke, Black Magic fusion, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effects software are used.

Career opportunities:

Animation and VFX both are very demanding course in media sector. While working as an animator you will  be working with cartoon or animated movies in your career.

When its term of VFX you using painting software and other technique and efect for live action footage. VFX generally involves digital painting , rotoscoping, priniciples of compositing.


The salary structor of VFX and Animator are increase as per experience. Starting salary of a VFX artist is 3.6 lakhs per year and 3 lakh per year for an animator. A VFX artist average salary is better than animator because of its area of application.

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