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“I want to be a 3D artist but I don’t have any knowledge of Drawing. Is it important to know drawing to be an Animator?” This is the most asked question by a student pursuing a career in 3D Animation. Maximum time instructor answers a very generic answer. But here we discuss briefly and cover this portion ‘whether drawing is really required to became an animator or not and why?’

Before starting, we need to know the 3D animation pipeline. There are 10 separate departments of 3D animation which are –

  • Pre-production
  • 1) Modeling 2) Texturing 3) Animation 4) Rigging 5) Lighting 6) Rendering 7) FX animation 8) Compositing 9) Editing

3d Drawing

Out of those ten departments Rendering, Editing, and FX animation fields generally don’t need any direct art medium expertise.

But you will need to be able to read and draw well in order to build a career as a pre-production artist. You should be able to put your thoughts and your visualization on paper or on the computer screen through a digital tablet or mouse. As a character designer in the pre-production department, you may be asked to design characters, props, and BG Layouts. As a storyboard artist, you may be asked to make storyboards, for which you need to have good drawing skills. As a concept artist you may be required to do inspirational sketches and paintings.

A character animator must have a sound knowledge of posing and facial expressions. Gesture drawing is the stepping-stone for a good character animator. A rigger applies joints and controls to the characters, thus he/she should be knowledgeable about the workings of how the anatomical mechanism works since they will be working with them on every shot.


Animation and 3D modeling is a very big field. It requires both skill and passion. The main aim of an animator is to bring alive the story in a convincing manner by portraying it through animating characters and objects.

So we can understand knowledge of drawing is not the major skill but creativity and imaginative mind is the key to success in this industry. So if you think that you are creative, this is the place to portray your skill and shows your talent to the world.

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