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how to create a animated film

Don’t you feel irritated when you’re most anticipated animated film project, which was approved 3 years back? Takes time to heat the theater. Your mind must have thought “why does it take so much time?”

           Today let’s understand the steps and the hurdles involves in creating an animated movie. The animation industry is considered one of the most profitable businesses in the world and it provides youngsters the platforms to make passion and profession together.

There are three steps to creating an animated film.

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production


  • Brainstorming: Brainstorming involves a huge process of choosing the right idea from a basket of ideas that shoot the audience’s taste, as well as, satisfy the creative aspect of the production house.
  • Scripting: Scripting or Screenwriting is basically creating an outline of all the events involve in an animation film. It includes dialogue, sound effects, voice-over, music, etc.
  • Concept Art: Concept Art provides a visual representation of the film for the film making process. It allows to project the idea and progress of the film to the managers, investors, etc.
  • Story Boarding: The final draft of an animated film is storyboarding. It helps to finalize development of concept and storyline.


  • Layout: The designing process for the story of an animated film is termed as layout. The main role of a layout artist is to create the stage setup for the film.
  • Modeling: Transforming an animated character to a 3-dimensional object is known as modeling where the modeling artist and art director work in compliance with characteristic visualize  
  • Texturing: Texturing is used to tap into one of our primary senses, touch. Texturing Artists think a lot about stimulating and attracting their viewer’s sense of touch, even if they don’t touch it exactly.
  • Lighting: Lighting brings life to an animated film. Virtual lights add motivation to a story and make the film believable. Certain iconic success of popular movies would not have been so impactful without the effect of proper lighting.
  • Animation: Now it’s time to make the images moving. Animation added life to a character and enable them to tell stories, communicate, showing emotions.
  • Rigging: Rigging is a technique used in skeletal animation for representing a 3d character model using a series of interconnected digital worlds.
  • Rendering: Rendering is an overall process that arranges and mixes everything in the proper sequence for pixilated base frames.
  • Voice Over: Once everything is ok, it’s time to talking. There are various people who work as voice artists. So find voice artists that fit to the character.
Video editor working from home at night at new project editing audio film montage sitting in modern kitchen. Content creator using professional laptop modern technology network wireless


  • Compositing: A compositor is one of the pillars of an animated movie. He has to have knowledge about depth fell requirement and proper knowledge of camera.
  • Sound Editing: The sound designer is responsible for every audio section that runs in the movie. Various sources are used to create the desirable effect along with proper mixing knowledge of the sound designer.
  • Video Editing: A video editor has to find and fix every issue that is related to visuals

As you can see an animated movie required much more attention to details since mistake like continuity errors would reflect in the eyes of the audience and then to put emotion on it is an extremely tough yet satisfying job.

Hope this article helps you to enjoy and respect an animated movie and the people involved in it. Next time you watch it on the big screen.

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