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Multimedia is a field where various mediums are combined to create content. Multimedia is attached to every industry where you can use your knowledge and skill to create something that audience enjoys. In today’s digital field multimedia sector is the most growing sector and provide most career opportunity.

In this article, we explain what is multimedia and how many types of job you can get in this industry to secure your career.

What is multimedia?

Multimedia provides multiple ways to represent information to the audience in a proper way. Multimedia is a media between user and digital information. Someone who wants to build career in multimedia sector may use combination of visual effect, audio, video, graphics design, animation in their work.

Graphic Designer:

A Graphic Designer created innovative and graphical design used by various industry depends on industry’s demand with their guideline. Graphic designers use various tools on computer to create websites, logo, brochure, magazine, posters and many others. Graphics Designers are also called Graphic Artists.

Video and Film Editor:

Film and Video editors give a proper shape to a recorded material to a finished product. They work with raw video, sound, graphics and dialogue. Their duties are studying script, guide scene development, determining camera angles, and sound effect post production. A video editor is in continued touch with the director to ensure the final project.

Video editor


An Animator produce frames with multiple images, when those create an illusion of movement is called animation. The image can be 2d or 3D. Animators design and draw resources for various mediums; however, most animators specialize in one type of media.

Video game designer:

Video game designer create a game based on clients requirement. There is a scope of experiment and work with different aspects. A video game developer can design characters, background design, sound effect and winning and losing interface. The main purpose of a game designer is to engage more user and provide a user satisfaction with their skill.

website designer

Web Designer:

A famous quote of Bill Gates, “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business”. To bring your business online fist condition is to build a user friendly and business oriented website that represent a business digitally. The main job of a Web Designer is to build an attractive website that represents the main purpose of the business. Website is the foundation of a company.

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